Simplify by Topaz Labs

Last day to save 50% off Simplify from Topaz Labs

There’s one day left to purchase Simplify at 50%!  Instead of costing $39.99 the sales price is $19.99 with the coupon code:  febsimplify.  The sale runs through the end of February.  I already own the Google Nik software package so I’ve never really looked at any Topaz Labs software.  Why would I duplicate programs, especially since there’s always a learning curve with new software, not to mention additional costs?  But at a cost of $20 I thought it might be worth investigating.  One thing that the Google Nik software package lacks is a program to add artistic enhancements like watercolor or oil painting effects, and that is exactly what Simplify does.

When I went to the Topaz Labs website I discovered that I could download the entire suite and use it for thirty days under their trial promotion.  It’s easy to download and install.  And it’s actually pretty intuitive to use Simplify.  What’s even better is that Topaz Labs offers free webinars designed to show everyone how to get the most out of each program.

I signed up for the free Simplify webinar and spent an hour watching Nichole Paschal of Topaz Labs highlight the changes in the latest version of Simplify (changes to the toolbox and workflow updates).  Nichole also showed live examples of how to use each preset as a starting point and how to customize the image further using each of the slider tools.  All participants could ask questions and the webinar was recorded so I can watch it again in the future if I’d like.  And the best part is that everyone on the webinar was eligible to win a free copy of Simplify (unfortunately it wasn’t me) and Nichole gave out discount codes for Simplify and the entire Topaz Labs suite of products.

Check out Simplify from Topaz Labs here

So far I’ve played around with a few of my images, transforming them into oil paintings.  One example is attached below.




And here is the Simplified painting version:

Simplify by Topaz Labs

Black Swan sunrise by Jennifer McCallum


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