Foggy Mornings

I love foggy mornings. The problem is trying to predict when they will occur. I follow the weather forecasts and make my best estimates, but I’ve found that the best indicator of a foggy morning is when I’m unable to go and photograph them. Usually they happen during the week and most often when I’ve got early morning meetings.

That was the case in this situation. I had an 8 am meeting and the location was about an hour and a half from my home. I threw my camera and tripod in the car, just in case. Sure enough, the fog was heavy. I had left my home early enough that I had a few minutes to take some photos as the sun came up. I turned off the main road onto a dirt road, one that I’ve never driven before. I was lucky, I came across a bend in the road lined with leafless trees. I stopped and set up my camera. It was a race against time. Looking at my watch after a few shots, I knew I was cutting it close. I called my co-worker to let him know that I might be a few minutes….because of the fog, of course. But in the end I made it to my meeting, right on time, and with a few spooky photos to boot.[/vc_column_text]



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