It’s been almost two years since I started submitting images to so I thought I’d share an update on my status and experiences. I’d like to make this a running theme with new updates each week so if I don’t answer your questions right away, let me know and I’d be happy to incorporate them into future posts.

My initial thoughts of are covered in my first post (link). Over the past year I’ve gotten more serious about (the previous year there were a few months where I was not active at all). The majority of my submissions are still from my library of images but I do take the time to shoot specifically for a request now – if I have the time and the investment isn’t too great. And that mind shift has definitely paid off as my biggest sale was for a magazine cover with custom requirements!

Even if I’m not shooting for an individual request or challenge I keep them in mind when I am out taking photographs. For example, if I have a trip coming up I’ll look at any open challenges or requests to see if I can add them to my shot list. Sometimes it’s just a slightly different take on a normal shot – like making sure part of my car is visible in a landscape image or including a human element where I would normally try to avoid one.

A challenge or request will fairly often spark a new idea that I am excited to shoot. I can submit a portion of the resulting images to and different versions to other stock sites. So my workflow isn’t based on (or other stock sites) but it is influenced by it. I think that just opens up more options in the long run and expands my portfolio.

If you haven’t started on Snapwire yet download the free app via the quick link below and give it a shot!


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    December 12, 2016

    Hi Jennifer
    I love your pictures specialy the one with the owl that has the maple leaf covering his eye…I read your reviw for (Snapwi) and I am sold. I am going to join, I was in but this site its pure contest… and you are right there is no reviews out there aboout (Snapwi)

    would you be able to do a review in smugmug… in your point of view I know I am asking to much…


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      Jennifer McCallum

      December 13, 2016

      Hi Pablo,

      Thank you for your nice comments, I’m so glad that you like my photo and that my review has helped! That’s a great idea to do a similar review of SmugMug. I actually debated about downgrading my subscription this year- I currently have the portfolio level and it costs about $150 per year. It’s a wonderful portfolio site and it makes ordering prints so easy! But is it worth the investment? I ultimately decided to give it one more year at that support level and see if I can make it more engaging. To be fair, I hadn’t touched the layout or added new images in a long time so I’m trying to breathe more life into and then make my decision. I’ll add that idea to my blog posts for the next few weeks, thanks again!



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