Don’t wait – save 50% off the entire collection of Topaz Labs post-processing software!

· Topaz Labs Black Friday steal, I mean, deal! ·

I just got the sneak peek email from Topaz Labs and I’m super excited! They are offering their entire collection (17 total products) at 50% off the regular price, which is already a savings from buying each product individually.

Black Friday savings on the complete collection of Topaz Labs software!

Black Friday savings on the complete collection of Topaz Labs software!

Topaz Labs is my go-to post-processing software. I currently use Clarity as the finishing step for almost every image that I process. I use the ReMask and Simplify when the need occurs, but I have been eyeing the DeNoise and ReStyle for some time now. Some of the other programs wouldn’t necessarily be on my short list of daily tools but if it’s part of a package I won’t complain.

Here is what Topaz Labs has to say about the sale:

What is the Collection?
With the recent addition of Topaz Texture Effects 2, Impression 2, and Glow 2, the Complete Collection includes all 17 products, which individually would cost over $1000. We normally offer the Complete Collection at 50% off. However, until the end of November you can take an additional 50% off (meaning you pay 25% of the price of individual plugins) for the collection and collection upgrades.

What is a Collection upgrade?
If you’ve already purchased an individual product (or several products) from Topaz in the past, our system already discounts the collection upgrade price. As long as you’re signed into your account, you can get an additional 50% off your custom collection upgrade pricing through the end of November. Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand your collection, there is never a better time to buy!

*Note that this discount does not apply to individual plugin purchases, which are sold at full price.

To get this savings follow the link to Topaz Labs (if you use my affiliate link you will still get the full savings and it will help me with my business costs). Type in BlackFriday16 in your shopping cart and start playing around with your new software!

P.S. Even though this is technically a Black Friday sale it’s good through the end of November. So enjoy your time with your family and when you’re ready to start processing your holiday images snag this deal.


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