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Five reasons why you need to go horseback riding in Iceland

Who can resist the Icelandic horses? Almost every wanderlust inspiring image of Iceland features the waterfalls or horses, and for good reason. Not only are the horses (don't call them ponies!) gorgeous but they are a great way to explore the countryside, too. Check out some of the reasons why you should go for a horseback ride on your next trip to Iceland.

1.  What better way to see parts of Iceland that most people don’t get to see?  Go off road through fields, valleys, and black sand beaches.

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Riding horses along the black sand beach in Iceland

2.  No experience necessary – you don’t have to be an experienced rider to enjoy the Icelandic countryside by horse.  There are various levels of difficulty at different tour operators.  Most of the horses are well trained and used to novice riders.  And your guide should give you a quick lesson before you leave the stables, our intro at Langhus was one of the best tutorials we’ve had.  

countryside, Iceland, horse, riding, tour
Riding horses along a country road in Iceland

3.  While you can ride Icelandic horses in other parts of the world, you can’t ride anything but an Icelandic horse in Iceland.  That’s right, these gorgeous horses are descended from the original stock – no other horses are allowed into Iceland.  Which also means that the horses don’t need to get vaccinated against certain diseases – without outside influence they’re not needed.

beach, black sand, Icelandic, horse, horseback, rider
A horse and rider on a black sand beach in Iceland

4.  Only Icelandic ponies can tolt, a unique gait that’s fun to learn.

horseback, riding, tour, Iceland, horse, tolt
Learning how to tolt on an Icelandic horse at Langhus stables

5.   The photo opportunities are endless!  Here are some of my favorites from our tour with Langhus stables, we got to ride through the countryside and along a black sand beach.

Read the blog post here for tips on how to get the best photographs from your horseback ride

horseback, ride, riding, tour, beach, black sand, Iceland
Iceland, horseback, horses, tour, riding
horseback, riding, riders, tour, Iceland
Iceland, pony, horse, farm, stable, scenic, landscape


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