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Dancing underwater

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I'm still pretty new to working with models...so why not add another layer of complexity by shooting underwater?

I was able to use my new Aquatech underwater housing at a recent photo shoot with some amazing Trend45 models.  It was also the first time I tried working with people underwater and besides looking ridiculous with my snorkel mask on it was so much fun!  The two biggest challenges were staying below the surface and trying to get shots without a lot of air bubbles in front of the models’ faces.  I took a TON of shots, hoping to get a few that I was happy with.  Here are the results, I can’t wait to try this again.

Check out Trend45 if you’re in the Midwest and want to work with some seriously amazing models (and photographers!).

Please show these models some love at their IG pages:  @msdestinyrose @remy_lewbel @savlynnnn @deangelophotos

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