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35 hashtags to promote your Instagram photos… and 2 to avoid

· Hawaii edition ·

If you’ve been lucky enough to go to Hawaii recently (or if you’re heading there soon) I’ve got a list of hashtags that you’ll want to use. I’ve already done the research for you so go ahead and copy these to your notes to save time by pasting them into Instagram. Use them to preplan your trip as well, any one of these hashtags has enough gorgeous images to make you want to book a flight to the Aloha state immediately. I also reveal some of my hashtag strategies that will drive Instagram engagement and reach.

The general IG concept/strategy is that hashtags with fewer photos submitted mean that your images have the potential to stay in the top 9 featured spots for a longer period of time.  And therefore they can be seen by more people.  If you tag the most common hashtags you’ll be lost in seconds.  

So don’t waste your limited hashtags on #Aloha (over 5.5 million images) or #hilife (over 2 million images) .  Use #mahalo, #alohalife, or #alohaspirit instead.

The list of 35 hashtags below are ranked by number of photos, from highest to lowest.  Only two have over a million images – #Hawaiian and #Hawaiilife.  The rest range from 850,000 to less than 10,000.

#hawaiian #hawaiilife #mahalo #hawaiistagram #venturehawaii #glimpseofhawaii #hawaiiunchained #instahawaii #lethawaiihappen #nakedhawaii #808state #alohaoutdoors #ighawaii #alohastate #explorehawaii #alohaspirit #hawaiianairlines #hawaiibound #hawaiigirl #alohalife #hawaiitrip #marveloushawaii #hawaiitag #havealohawilltravel #hawaiivacation #hawaiisunset #alohahawaii #hawaiisbestphotos #myalohatimes #hawaiirising #hawaiirepublic #naturalhawaii #roamhawaii #adventurelusthawaii #dreamhawaii

Follow these accounts for potential features when you use their tags (tags with a parent account are highlighted in bold).  Hawaiian Airlines may even ask permission to use your images in their social media if they like them (they won’t pay you anything for the rights, but it’s some pretty cool bragging rights!).

Don’t forget to add in hashtags that describe your location, activity or view, time of day, prominent color or emotion, etc.  I always tag the hotel or restaurant where I’ve taken an image and sometimes they repost it to their audience.

Avoid the dreaded shadow ban by using the same hashtags over and over (you don’t want to look like an automated bot) and don’t use the generic tags of #tanlines, #sunbathing, or #TGIF.

And there you have it!  35 hashtags that will help people discover your fabulous vacation photos from Hawaii.  For more Instagram hashtag strategies for your mountain and hiking adventures read this bog post.

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