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Adorable French bulldog puppy to one year photoshoot

I had two black brindle Frenchies years ago, long before most people had heard of a French bulldog. Their names were Petey and Leon and they were the funniest dogs, full of personality.  They both passed away several years ago now but I still miss them.  My husband has grown resigned to watching me chase down any French bulldog that I see in public, to get my Frenchie kisses.

So you can imagine my delight when friends of mine decided to get a French bulldog puppy.  Okay, there was some apprehension on some people’s part (looking at you, Mom) that maybe I would try to steal said puppy away when I met it.  And, I admit, it was tempting- but my friends know where I live so I decided that the best compromise was to take pictures of their puppy.  Luckily they were on board with that plan so I was able to photograph Poppi as a young puppy, and again just recently as Poppi celebrated her first birthday.

I thought it might be fun to look back and compare images from both photo shoots and to share a few of Poppi enjoying her birthday cake (peanut butter flavored from Three Dog Bakery).  Bone appetit!

French, bulldog, puppy, ears, sleeping, nap, adorable, nose, precious, dog, photoshoot, Frenchie
French, bulldog, photo, photo shoot, puppy, dog, glamorous, Frenchie
French, bulldog, dog, cream, blanket, photoshoot, ears, adorable, Frenchie
French, bulldog, dog, puppy, birthday, cake, celebrate, cute, adorable, Frenchie
French, bulldog, dog, cake, eating, balloons, birthday, celebration, outdoors, funny, frenchie
French, bulldog, dog, puppy, ears, licks, tongue, funny, cleans, Frenchie


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