What are you looking at?

It’s a fair question.  I know the website isn’t very pretty right now, but I’m working on it!  For once I’m glad that it’s overcast and cold here in Michigan, since I am spending most of my evenings learning how to use WordPress.  I’m also in the process of transferring all of my images from a PC to a Mac so that’s a learning curve as well.  May as well jump right in, I guess!


In the meantime, meet Circe.  He’s the resident great horned owl at the Howell Nature Center in Michigan.  Circe is probably one of the most famous owls in the media since several times a year the Howell Nature Center hosts photography workshops, led by Steve Gettle.  And Circe always performs like a star.  Steve donates his time and expertise to raise funds for the Howell Nature Center, and the photographers get to take amazing shots of owls and other raptors up close.

More to come on that subject, but for now, back to The Complete Idiot’s Guide to WordPress!


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