It’s Book Lover’s Day!

To celebrate Book Lover’s Day (seriously, it’s a “national” holiday, I’m not making this up) I thought I would share some of my favorite photography books. After much deliberating I narrowed it down to the top three.

Two of the books are about post-processing, something that I am still trying to master. The third is about pet photography, which I find particularly helpful since I foster dogs for a local rescue. Having a good photograph of a foster dog is a significant factor in getting that dog adopted quickly.

Art Beyond the Lens Working with Digital Textures by Sarah Gardner
Visually stunning, this book will have you searching your home for interesting textures to photograph. Then you will spend many hours adding a new spin to some of your photos.

Art is the keyword in the title. Sarah’s processing elevates simple subjects into digital eye candy. Your mouth may actually water when reading this book.

This book briefly touches on basic photography skills but it is really a post-processing guide to adding textures to your images. Some people may use textures to “fix” a bad photo, but this is all about subtleness and adding mood rather than covering anything up.

Be prepared to read this book several times to really pick up on Sarah’s method and keep it handy when you’re ready to dive into Photoshop.

Beautiful Beasties A Creative Guide to Modern Pet Photography by Jamie Pflughoeft
Who doesn’t like to take photographs of their pets? Don’t try to deny it, they’re plastered all over your Facebook page (at least they are if you’re anything like me)!

Reading this book will help you take those photos to the next level. Jamie covers all aspects pet photography- from camera gear to business tips, and maybe most importantly, how to get meaningful images of Fluffy while dealing with the challenges of animal behavior.

The best part is all of the amazing images that accompany the text. Your pet and your Facebook friends will thank you for reading this book.

The Way of the Digital Photographer by Harold Davis
The subtitle of this book is Walking in the Photoshop post-production path to more creative photography. Harold is a great photographer to begin with, but what he does in Photoshop is truly unique.

As you might guess, this is another processing inspiration source. Read this book if you want to learn more about layers, blending, and HDR techniques from a master. Just be prepared to change how you think about “correct” exposure and buy a larger memory card!

Since I’ve already read these books (multiple times) my goal was to start a new book to celebrate Book Lover’s Day. Maybe something fictional, set in Ireland since I’ll be going there in the next month.

But I’ll be honest, after looking at the books again my fingers are itching to grab my camera and play around with some of the techniques. If I take photos of books I think that should qualify as my own way of appreciating them on Book Lover’s Day, right?

How do you plan on celebrating Book Lover’s Day?

After writing this blog post I followed up on my goal for Book Lover’s Day and here are the results:

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