Black Friday deals for photographers

Cork photo throw pillow by Jennifer McCallum

It’s 4 am on Black Friday. No, I’m not waiting in line at a store to shop, but I am wide awake, darn it. I hadn’t planned on being up this early (apparently my dog did but he is happily sleeping by my feet now and I’m still awake), but since I am I decided to check out some of the Black Friday deals.

I’m trying to avoid the sales on camera gear….too tempting and I really don’t need anything…until I start looking. But I did find two sales that caught my eye.

The first is by Topaz Labs. I’ve purchased a few of their software programs ad hoc (Clarity is my favorite), and their latest introduction, Topaz Texture Effects, has been on my mind for the past few weeks. I love adding Mextures texture effects to my Instagram uploads but until now I hadn’t found a similar program for larger files on my computer. Topaz Texture Effects is exactly that program. I signed up for one of the Topaz webinars (highly recommended – not only do you learn about the programs but they always give at least a 20% discount on the products showcased) and got a sneak peek into the Texture program. I downloaded the free 30 day trial and have only had a chance to play around with a bit, but I could see spending a lot of time and having a lot of fun with this one. So when I got the email from Topaz this morning that their entire collection is on sale for Black Friday at 50% of the regular cost I had to check it out. Here is what they had to say:

“With the recent addition of Topaz Texture Effects, the Photography Collection now includes 17 products for only $499.99. With the 50% discount, new users can purchase the entire collection for ONLY $249.99! The savings aren’t just for new collection purchases either. Owners of the older Topaz Collections can take advantage of the savings as well! They will just need to log in to their accounts to see their unique Collection upgrade price, then apply the code for 50% additional savings!”

This discount is valid until November 30th. I suspect that I will be purchasing mine later today. Here is a link to the promotion, but don’t say that I didn’t warn you! (this is an affiliate link). Use the coupon code ‘BLACKFRIDAY2015’


Hot Air Balloon with textures

Topaz Labs linkThe second tempting sale comes from Red Bubble. I’ve been dabbling in selling items on Red Bubble for a few months now (user name JMcCallum). I love that they have unique photo items like tote bags and throw pillows. They even have skirt and legging products in addition to the usual prints, notecards, and notebook options. I just bought one of my own throw pillow designs (a collection of corks) as a Christmas present for a family member, I can’t wait for it to arrive.

With 20% off all items through midnight on November 27th (use code BF20), I may have to order a few things for myself some additional Christmas presents.

Cork photo throw pillow by Jennifer McCallum

My Red Bubble homepage

So, if you’re waiting in lines at the stores right now you’re obviously not reading this blog and are more committed to saving money than I am! But if you’re at home enjoying a cup of coffee and looking for deals online I can personally recommend both of these! And let me know if you find any others!

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Use Coupon Code ‘BLACKFRIDAY2015’ to save 50%


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