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Five unusual gifts that will delight photographers this year

Christmas is right around the corner but there is still time to surprise your photography-obsessed loved ones this year. Here is my list of some unique gifts, perfect for birthdays, too! Click on any of the links to learn more. (These include some affiliate links, which help support my blog so any clicks are appreciated. I personally own or have used all of these items and love them so I'm happy to share them with others.)

Heated jacket

I told you these would be a little unusual!  I was surprised two years ago with this gift from my husband, and all I can say is, “why didn’t I know about heated jackets before???”!  I have the DeWalt lady’s jacket, with three heat settings.  It is a bit bulky with the battery, but I can also charge my phone if it’s running low.  Each battery lasts over an hour on high heat, maybe two or three on low or medium heat.  I keep a spare battery with me in case I’ll be out for longer than a few hours or if it’s super cold.  It’s the same battery that my husband uses for his tools so I have several to choose from.  This is perfect for those chilly mornings waiting for the sun to come up or when you’re staking out wildlife in cooler weather.  It’s also nice for anyone who walks dogs – my neighbors are all extremely jealous, as are their dogs since my dogs get walked no matter the weather now.

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A gift certificate to Creative Live

I’ve talked about Creative Live before (read the blog post here).  It’s the most amazing learning resource.

It doesn’t matter what kind of photography your recipient is into, Creative Live has classes on everything.  A little time spent learning new skills adds up fast, but it’s probably the last thing that most photographers invest in.  Class fees can range from $30-$150+ so there are opportunities for every budget.  Plus you don’t need to worry about shipping!  And there is a handy (free) app that is available for the iPhone or iPad.  Use this link to save $15 off your first class.

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Credits on Creative Market

I think most photographers are surprised and dismayed to realize that they’re going to spend more time in front of the computer than they will actually taking photos, especially if they want to turn their hobby into a side hustle.  Help your photographer save time by gifting them bundles on Creative Market that they can use to buy Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets.  There are hundreds to choose from, not to mention the templates for social media posts so they can share their images even faster.

A hunting blind (For bird and wildlife photographers)

I first used a hunting blind to get close up photos of birds at a nature center photography event.  It was such a genius idea!  Set up the blind in the backyard and put out some birdseed, the birds won’t even know anyone is there and they quickly get used to it.  It’s a great way to get close to the action without scaring the subject away.  And it keeps the elements off both the photographer and the camera gear.  Add a small stool to complete the gift.

Muir Woods, redwood, National Monument, California, San Francisco

Zoo/Aquarium/State park passes

Most photographers love to go to the local park or attraction at different times of day and year.  Or maybe they need a nudge to get out more often, I know I’d go to my zoo more frequently if I had a membership.  This is especially true for state parks since an annual pass gets you into all of them, but if you get a day pass at one location it does not apply at other parks in the same area.  This is on the list for some photographers in my family this Christmas.  Check out the National Parks pass here

So there you have my top unique gifts for photographers.  Share your favorite photography related gifts in the comments, I’d love to hear about them!

present, gift, unusual, unique, photographer, Christmas, ultra violet


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