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"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list" - Susan Sontag

I love that quote, except it's missing one element. I would add, "and I want to photograph it".

Hi! I’m Jennifer, welcome to my website.

I love to travel. There is just something so exciting about exploring a new destination. And I’m one of those weird people who enjoy the travel planning process almost as much as going on the trip itself. Even just deciding where to go is thrilling to me. My husband can tell when I don’t have a trip in the works, I don’t “sparkle” as much. But give me a vacation to organize and I’m practically euphoric. The lists, the spreadsheets! The possibilities! The photographs I can take! My hands are starting to shake a bit just thinking about it.

I’m also hooked on reading the stories and blogs about people who have given up their jobs and travel full-time. I have to admit that I’m a bit jealous them too, but the real truth is that I have job that I love. That may sound hard to believe, but I sell wine for an amazing company and it may just be one of the best jobs ever. I don’t want to stop working and travel full-time. And while photography and travel are passions of mine, rescuing dogs is more of a core fundamental to me. A nomadic lifestyle just wouldn’t allow me to have three big dogs, a cat, and foster others.

Maybe it’s because my travel time is scarce that it becomes more precious to me. I need to wring every bit of experience and memories out of each trip. And that means research and organization. I happily agonize over hotel decisions ( has been a sleep saver!) and possible locations. Each day has multiple itineraries depending on weather and photography opportunities. I’m crazy lucky enough to be married to someone who understands my mania, doesn’t want to do any planning, and occasionally reminds me to go off schedule and “let’s just turn left here and see what we find”.

Jennifer McCallum, Iceland, photographer

Proof that I was in Iceland

Trying to balance my profession, travel, travel planning (it’s a thing on it’s own), photography, dogs/cats, friends, and family is a never-ending struggle. I have to be organized and prioritize. But it is possible to have it all. I’ve managed to see 49 states, travel to 15 countries, write an e-book on photographing New Zealand’s South Island, sell stock photography that’s been featured in Conde Naste Traveller/Hertz Rental Car social media/Huffington Post, foster over 60 cats and more than 70 dogs. I also recently passed the Wine & Spirits Education Trust level 3 for wine and spirits exam. So feel free to laugh at my lists and planning, but it pays off!

Which brings me to the reason for this website. I’ve gotten so many ideas from other websites and I appreciate hearing about other people’s experiences- maybe it’s just good karma to share my own. I’m already doing the planning and photography for my own travels. I understand the struggle to achieve balance and to maximize limited travel schedules. As I’ve point out, I’m not here to get rich and quit my job (though I very much appreciate the support through affiliate links that help offset the website costs). But maybe I can help other people enjoy their vacations or be inspired to take up photography.

– If you’re a traveler with limited time but an appetite for beautiful places and experiences you’re in the right spot.
– If you enjoy taking pictures and want to learn more you’re in the right spot.

So whether you’re planning a trip, looking for inspiration, or just want to photograph things close to home, let me share my research and experiences with you. Subscribe now to stay updated on the latest blog posts.


Jennifer McCallum, Hawaii, photographer, lava

Proof that I was in Hawaii!

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