I’m working on a comprehensive list of my gear – from camera equipment to post processing. So please bear with me as I put this together. These are all products that I currently or have recently used and would recommend to friends, neighbors, family, or anyone who stumbles upon this page.

I’m not paid to write reviews on any of these items, but I will include affiliate links (highlighted). Affiliate links generate a small commission (it varies by company) that contributes to my photography and travel expenses. There is no additional cost to you for using my affiliate links but it does help me continue to share my experiences and expand this blog. And hopefully I can return the favor by helping you save time and money while traveling and give you the resources to improve your photography and inspire you to sell some photos. So we can all win!

I’m a loyal Canon fan and have been since my first point and shoot camera.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II – I recently upgraded from the original Canon 7D version that I used for many years. I finally made the switch to gain better auto-focus points and the slight increase in image size. I wish I had upgraded sooner, I absolutely love this camera.

More details coming soon.

95% of my post processing and organization is done in Lightroom. If I need to do some special fine-tuning I will use Photoshop Elements. I purchased Lightroom and Photoshop Elements several years ago so I haven’t gone to the Adobe Creative Cloud at this point. I spend way too much time in front of the computer as it is, so I work very hard to create images that do not need extensive work.

Nik software is now free and is very easy to use. I purchased it before the free versions were available and I don’t regret that decision, but I like my Topaz Software plug ins even more. In addition to giving me complete control with minimal input they offer fantastic (and free!) Topaz Labs Webinars to help maximize their products. Plus that have coupons for at least 20% savings most of the time, and occasionally a hot sale with even greater discounts. And they offer a free 30 day trial on any of their products. I currently use Clarity, Remask, and Simplify. I’ll probably be purchasing the DeNoise and Texture Effects and ReStyle in the near future. About 75% of my work goes through at least one Topaz plug-in before publishing.

I use WordPress for my blog platform and right now my favorite (and current) theme is Odyssey from EnvatoMarket. I’m still customizing the options, but I love the flexibility of it and the documentation has made it very easy to install. In fact it was probably the first theme that I installed and customized without tears and/or colorful language. My previous theme was Fineliner, also an EnvatoMarket theme, and I liked it very much as well. Both are responsive (they look good on mobile devices as well as computer screens), were customizable, offer Woo commerce and wonderful image sliders.

More details coming soon

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